About us

WAKEMASTER park network was established in 2013 and it has been expanding with new parks every year. Our goal is to introduce water skiing and wakeboarding to general public and to offer an option of actively spending your free time by the water.

We use WAKEMASTER two pole water tow, which is certified and approved for operation within the Czech Republic legislation framework and fulfils all requirements for safe operation. Its advantage is the possibility of adjustment of the tow speed to individual abilities of each rider. The tow is used only by one person at the time, which allows adjustment of the speed, depending on the rider's abilities, and in case the rider falls off, the tow can be stopped and the rider can get back on.

When using the tow, you are looked after by experienced operators, who explain all the aspects of the ride to each person and make sure that you quickly master riding the water skis or the wakeboard. This approach guarantees that everyone, including the youngest riders, masters riding on water using our tow easily. Floating obstacles are available for more advanced riders.

All parks include facilities like gear rental and other active free time activities.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Wakemaster team